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Wholesaler store

This store is built and populated with Dr. Pet products (many thanks!) to show the power of the Wholesaler application from different aspects: different wholesaler levels and retailer. Check below how to test both sides of the application as well as the available customizations. Since this Shopify store is open to anyone (and therefore anyone can mess everything up!), if something doesn't work, please let us know by emailing us at and we'll fix it right away!

Customer experience

Log in to this Shopify store and see how the prices change according to the Wholesale level (check the Merchant experience to set the level of this customer). You can set 3 different levels to any customer being each level unique for each customer. Use the following information:

Password: wholesaler

Merchant experience

Log in to the Shopify merchant admin area, and feel free to check the following:

  • Wholesaler application (Apps > Wholesaler): play with the interface, add wholesale levels to your products and customers and enjoy the fast and clean interface
  • Products: check the behaviour of your products while they are for wholesale
  • Themes: check the installation of Wholesaler (be careful, other people may like to take a look at an installation that actually works!) in any of the available themes (there are several there!)

Use the following information:

Password: wholesaler


We can customize your theme for Wholesaler in several different ways, check them all by clicking here or in the application by clicking on customizations. You can also preview how the customizations behave by clicking on one of the following links:

  1. Default installation (1)
  2. Default Installation (2)
  3. Minimum orders for Wholesalers
  4. Exclusive catalog for Wholesalers
  5. Show retail price
  6. Application form for Wholesalers
  7. Wholesalers only store

Notice that these customizations are very general and that we can customize your store according to your store's special needs.